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Oral health care often depends on receiving the necessary pretreatments to allow procedures to be done as planned. This includes receiving any sedation that may be required to help calm and relax patients and allow them to receive dental work without the fear of pain. Numerous different types of sedation dentistry exist with a wide-ranging portfolio of sedation levels.

Sedation via Pill – Sedation via pill is given orally to help an individual stay calm and relaxed throughout any oral health care procedures that need to be given. Typically, pill sedation must be given up to an hour before any oral health care procedures are implemented. Levels of sedation can be adjusted as needed.

Sedation via Gas – Gas station typically consists of laughing gas which is derived from nitrous oxide to help calm and relax patients. Gas sedation is given through a mask that is placed over the top of a person’s nose and mouth. However, gas sedation does wear off rather quickly.

Sedation via IV – If you’re given sedation through IVs, it is directly inserted into your bloodstream. Because of this, it is extremely fast-acting and goes into effect almost immediately. Thus, it can be administered right before a procedure, so an individual is calm and relaxed. Levels of sedation can be adjusted as needed.

Deep Sedation with Anesthesia – Through the use of general anesthesia, an individual can be placed into a state of unconsciousness. They will remain unconscious until the anesthesia has completely worn off. These forms of sedation are highly effective for complex procedures that need to be given.

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