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If your child is about to undergo extensive dental treatment, Dr. Harry Castle might recommend the use of IV sedation. This sedative helps your child feel calm, relaxed, and comfortable in the dental chair. It is completely safe, and it will send your child into a deep sleep. This will make it so your child won’t remember a thing.

When the treatment is completed, there are things you need to do to care for your child, before, while, and after they are under the influence of the sedation.

The first thing is to look out for any red flags. Red flags could be anything like: severe pain, heavy bleeding, fever, nausea, and chills. If any of these symptoms last longer than 24 hours, or if your child vomits after the 40-minute mark following treatment, it’s important to notify our dental team and explain the situation.

The second thing is to help your child ease the pain and swelling. You can do so by giving them the prescription drugs the dentist gave them (or over-the-counter pain medication if they did not receive prescription medication) and by icing outside the treated area.

The third thing is to make sure your child rests for the first day or two following the treatment. While they rest, make sure they stay hydrated and only have a soft-foods diet. These liquids should not be given with a straw. This can help prevent any damage to the treated area.

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