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If you are dealing with a canker sore and feel as though it is never going to fade away, but causing significant pain and discomfort forever, Dr. Harry Castle suggests you try a few simple remedies treatments to bring relief while your canker sore heals.

At-Home Remedies


  • Apply ice to the affected area. Take an ice cube from your freezer and wrap it in a washcloth or paper towel, then apply it to the canker sore as a means to soothe the pain. Don’t place the uncovered cube itself directly on the sore.
  • Use a bag of black tea. Soak the tea bag in water before placing it on the canker sore. One of the ingredients of black tea is a powerful pain reliever, tannin, that can help provide comfort.


Over-the-Counter Remedies


  • Swish with a mouth rinse. Purchase a mouth rinse from your local store that is alcohol-free. It will soothe irritation while it cleans your mouth, and the hydrogen peroxide and refreshing flavor in the rinse will leave your mouth feeling extra good.
  • Try a numbing paste. You purchase numbing pastes to protect the sore and speed up the healing. As the benzocaine ingredient starts to activate, your sore will become numb.


We hope these remedies will help you remain comfortable while your canker sore heals. If you would like more information on canker sore treatment in Lake Charles, Louisiana, call 337-478-3232 and schedule a time to speak with Dr. Harry Castle, our dentist. We would love to see you at Oak Park Dental!