Simpli5 Express Aligner System
One of the benefits of clear aligner systems is that their transparent design makes it difficult for anyone to notice when you are wearing them; traditional, metal braces, on the other hand, can be quite noticeable. Our orthodontist, Dr. Hebert, recommends Simpli5 aligners to many of our patients because they are quickly delivered, easily worn and affordably priced.

While some aligners can take months to produce, Simpli5 aligners go from impressions to a finished product in just three to four weeks. That’s quick! Why let your teeth worsen as you wait for another brand of aligner that takes longer to produce? Talk to us about Simpli5 aligners today.

Unlike traditional, metal braces, which need constant cleaning and frequent adjusting, Simpli5 aligners can be removed for easy cleaning. Their lightweight, rigid design makes them easy to pop out of and back into your mouth before and after you brush and floss your teeth.

Simpli5 aligners are very affordable. Compared to competing products’ prices, Simpli5 aligners cost about 20% less. We would be pleased to provide you with detailed Simpli5 aligner pricing on your next visit to our office.

If you’re ready for Simpli5 aligners in Lake Charles, Louisiana, please contact our team at Oak Park Dental by calling 337-478-3232 now.