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Not only should you brush your teeth twice everyday, but you also need to remember to floss your teeth everyday. It is the only way that you can get the clean and healthy smile you desire.
Flossing your teeth is actually not difficult. It is a very simple process that some people have a hard time remembering to do every day–but once you get in the habit, your smile will thank you. Let’s review how to floss your teeth.

First, take an 18 inch piece of single-filament floss that has been designed specifically for cleaning teeth. Don’t use generic thread or string! Wrap the dental floss around two of your fingers, one on each hand. Then, carefully slip the floss between two of your front teeth. Use a sawing motion to push the floss gently toward the gumline. Slide the floss against your teeth and continue sawing back and forth to carefully remove food particles and other debris from your mouth.

If you are just starting out on your flossing journey, it is normal for it to be slightly uncomfortable. Don’t get discouraged! The discomfort should go away within 2 weeks. If it doesn’t, talk with Dr. Harry Castle.

If conventional flossing isn’t working for you, talk with your dentist about other options, besides conventional flossing. These alternatives could include water flossing, pre-strung flossers, floss for sensitive teeth, or ADA-approved dental picks.

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